1. Schedule Movement Breaks

Have an apple watch? They are pretty good at monitoring how long you have been sitting. Your watch will give you a buzz every hour to remind you to stand up. If you aren’t into fancy technology like myself, just set an alarm. Get up every hour and get moving. You could lunge around the perimeter of your office, or just stick to a nice walk around the building. The second choice will help keep your co-workers from thinking you are crazy.

  1. Create a make-shift standing desk

Let’s face it, staring down at a computer screen can take a toll on the neck and back. If you get tension headaches after work, your computer could be to blame. If we are being honest, I didn’t do a peer reviewed study. There are many variables here, who is to say whether the tension is coming from answering 55 emails in an hour, finding out someone in the office ate your clearly labeled lunch, or if the tension is actually coming from staring down at a screen. For the purpose of this article, let’s say it’s the latter. Since standing desks are pretty pricy, you can make your own. Find some books and boxes to stack under your computer monitor. Check with the right people and get the O.K. to transform your desk. Get that computer to eye level and say goodbye to neck pain.

  1. Mobilize

Grab a lacrosse ball and a foam roller. Both of these items can easily be stored in or underneath of your desk. Roll out your back, hamstrings, quads, IT bands, and calves. Use the lacrosse ball to mash up your traps, pecks, and shoulders. Think of your office as your own personal massage studio. Take care of your aches and pains. Using the lacrosse ball and the foam roller to release muscle tightness isn’t just for when your muscles are sore. These techniques can also be used as preventative measures.

  1. Squeeze your glutes

We are going to end with the answer to all of the world’s problems. It sounds kinda creepy, but seriously, do it! Squeeze your glutes before, during, and after sitting. When you sit for too long your glute muscles actually turn off. If you are noticing aches and pains in other parts of your body- start squeezing. Keep those glute muscles firing all day to prevent low back pain.

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