I can’t believe 9ams are coming to an end. What an amazing summer it has been! There are so many things I am going to miss: Anna’s sass, hearing Keyack and Meg bicker, watching Kim hassle Keyack and Meg for not putting enough weight on the bar, witnessing Joe lift a shit ton of weight, cheering on Norm and John as they went head to head, listening to metal with Dan and the estrogen playlist with Kim, picking up Aunt Tracy and swinging her around after her first push-up, and getting to see every CrossFit first for Krissy, Sean, Heather, Shea, Dave, and Keith.

As I get ready for the school year I realize Keyack’s moans and groans will soon be replaced with the sound of five year olds. Memories of 9am will get me through the school year. Thank you for keeping me laughing all summer long. Thank you for showing up every morning even when you were tired, hung over, or just flat out hated the workout of the day. Thank you for staying home when you had pink eye. Thank you for letting me share the joy of each PR with you.

Although most of the 9amers have been to an evening class or two, there are a few who held out all summer long. Coahes and Bellum Warriors, to make the transition easier for you and them this is what you need to know… Anna doesn’t have to run, she did bring the Airdyne after all. If Keyack doesn’t want to do something don’t make her, or else she will just complain the whole time. Meg doesn’t have to add weight if she doesn’t want to, so don’t make her even though she is stronger than she thinks. Norm is a germaphobe, yep that’s right so no sweaty post WOD hugs or handshakes, just keep it moving. Make sure Dan wears his wrist wraps, Joe wears his belt, and Kim wears her brace. Line them all up for a bathroom break before any double-under workout. Lastly, it doesn’t matter the reps or rounds written on the board, they will tell you what they want to do. Until next summer…

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