{•Warrior Wednesday•} This week, our featured Bellum Warrior is a dedicated personal training client, Annie G! She is compassionate and generous, well-traveled, and loves the finer things in life! She started her journey at Bellum a few years ago, and has made great improvements in her health and is stronger than ever. One of my favorite moments of seeing Annie G’s determination was her participation in the 2019 CrossFit Open. Another is when Annie G was able to stop taking blood pressure meds! Annie G. has a set personal training schedule that she sticks to, and as a result has developed relationships with our coaches that have evolved into true friendships. Annie G, we LOVE having you as a part of the Bellum fam.

Favorite CrossFit Movement: Clean and Jerk

Favorite Music or Playlist to Work out to:  Anything but country?? Seriously, since I train one on one – music is just background noise while I talk the ears off the trainers.

You’ve been in the Bellum Fam for some time now. How did you get started?:   I’ve never been a jock and have a sedentary job so fitness was never in my life until I Injured my knees. Then, I started working in a therapy pool at Pro Swim Fitness in Mt. Laurel. The owners took great care of me and eventually, they convinced me to try land workouts. My sister-in law Babsy and niece Kasey loved Bellum so I decided to give that a try for my land workouts since it was closer for me. I started PT one day a week and slowly learned the movements. I added additional days as I grew more comfortable with it.  I aim for three days a week and still need a visual explanation sometimes but I’ve definitely gotten stronger. I still try to get to Pro Swim once a week too.

Favorite out-of-the-gym activity: Reading, theater, spa-ing and anytime spent with my family

Current Gym Goal: Arrive on time; focus on NUTRITION.  I’m looking forward to the nutrition challenge. I feel as if I have the exercise portion of my life in place and nutrition and sleep is the missing link! 

What’s your “Why”?    ME!! I tell everyone it’s as much about my mental health as my physical well-being.I dread getting out of bed, usually arrive a minute late and ask a million questions when I start working out but it’s my quiet time to focus on myself and not have to be responsible to anyone but myself.  Even if the rest of my day goes downhill or is crazy busy, I still know that I started my day focusing on me!

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