Of course we all want seamless muscle-ups like Rich Froning and perfect C2B pull-ups like Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, but what about the basics? Both athletes are able to perform these movements because they mastered the basics, and progressively built upon their skills. In order to improve as an athlete, you need a solid foundation. Every movement in CrossFit builds on top of one another.

Having a goal is an important motivational tool. Create a goal that is realistic and measureable. If you aren’t sure where to start, ask one of your coaches for guidance. Your goals might not always be glamorous, but they should be functional. It’s not always easy to pick a goal that isn’t “fun,” but it will make you a better athlete in the long run.

Two months ago Kristina walked into Bellum for her first class. After assessing her movement patterns, we sat down in a goal review session and decided that her first goal would be to perfect her air squat. With safe modifications and a lot of extra credit after class, Kristina has made incredible progress. She understands the value of starting slowly in order to create a strong foundation. Kristina knows before we can start loading her with heavy barbells in the front squat or back squat, she must be able to squat upright without assistance. This mindset will allow Kristina to have a safe and long-lasting CrossFit journey.

“Stick to the basics and when you feel you’ve mastered them it’s time to start all over again, begin anew – again with the basics – this time paying closer attention.” Coach Greg Glassman

  1. Select a realistic and measurable goal
  2. Master the basics over and over
  3. Talk to your coaches
  4. Put in the work
  5. Succeed, celebrate and repeat

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