Becca decided to join Bellum during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. She hopped on her first zoom class ready to go. I asked her to find something to use for deadlifts. She was one step ahead, already with two large water jugs in each hand.

Becca is someone who I instantly loved to coach. I appreciated her realness when during her first class she excited the zoom screen and came back exclaiming, “Sorry, I had to go stop my sons from killing each other!” Being home and homeschooling two young boys is a tough feat on its own, and Becca decided to throw in a brand new workout routine routine on top of it all.

Her consistency with Zoom classes has helped her see results, that even has her hubby looking twice 🙂 Becca thank you for keeping it real and keeping it consistent. And thanks for the laugh during today’s session when I heard you yelling, “Put the hammer down!” I can’t wait to see where this Bellum journey takes you!

What type of workouts did you perform before coming to Bellum?: Hahaha, I didn’t.  Occasionally I would do something from the 21 Day Fix dvd, or my husband would convince me to put our bikes on the trainer and do a SufferFest session(the woooorst), but nothing consistently.

I break out in hives from repetitive motion/cardio, which always made me feel discouraged.  That doesn’t happen with Bellum though!

Why were you looking for a new style of workouts?:  

The hives, for sure.  Also, I just don’t have the brain for creating a workout for myself, or keeping myself motivated.  I wasn’t even looking though.  Margie posted something about the challenge, and then peer pressured me into joining, haha.  Thanks Margie!

What made you decide to join a new gym, VIRTUALLY, during a pandemic? Margie.  It was 100% Margie.  She’s been trying to convince me to join Bellum for at least a year.  When the memorial day hero WOD, Murph, approached she asked if I wanted to do them with her; I wasn’t even planning to do Murph at all because it was so intimidating.

How do you think joining/working out has affected you during quarantine? Um, I’m less of a bitch? Haha.  Truly though, I’m less moody and grumpy, and I’m not exhausted all the time anymore, which has been lovely. My husband also said my ass looks nice from all the squats.  (Am I allowed to curse on here, because that’s twice in one answer)  And thanks for teaching me to do squats properly, they always hurt my knees like crazy before I joined Bellum.

You have been crushing workouts while being at home, with two boys, what’s your secret to making time for yourself? TV and computers. I can usually get through a workout without too many fights breaking out if they are occupied by a screen, and separated.  I think I need to start giving them each their tablets in their rooms for an hour, because they can’t even sit on the couch together.

Being able to do things on Zoom has been unbelievably helpful, as well.  I’m not a morning person, and neither is my youngest, so getting up and out early is hard, but I absolutely have to workout in the morning, or it just won’t happen.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement or workout?:  Oh, I hate them all, man.  I’m not a person who enjoys the burn, or the suck, or adrenaline rushes…my husband loves it, and I think he is complete psycho.

I think the only thing I actually enjoy is toe taps, and the one where you lie on your back and lift a weight over your head and back to your chest with straight arms.

But, I always feel amazing afterwards, so it is worth it.

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting at Bellum? (in and/or out of the gym)

Doing Murph was pretty big, and just sticking with it for 2 months consistently is something that I can’t usually manage.  I fell off for a few weeks with the craziness at the end of school, but getting back on the horse is always something I can’t do, so I’m proud of myself for actually getting my butt moving again.

What is your favorite out-of-the-gym activity? I love to read (you know, in all that free time I don’t have) and swim.  Plus, decorating cookies.  It’s my job, but it lets me be artistic, and it’s almost meditative, I zone out while I’m working. (Becca owns Aunt Becca’s Treats, visit here )

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