Name: Mike Occupation: President at Cornerstone Financial Advisors Inc. Hobbies: Too many to list What brought you to Bellum? My daughter wouldn’t stop nagging me. She was on me for about a [...]


This week, meet Nancy, a die-hard fitness fan who attacks each workout with an energy and enthusiasm that we wish we could bottle and sell! Nancy is “Jo-Lo minus 5” years old and never stops [...]

Joey D

This Wednesday, meet Joe, a self-proclaimed old guy (even though he’s definitely NOT), who works hard at the gym in order to be the fastest, strongest, best possible version of himself so he can [...]


Erin started as a personal training client last fall. For several months, she stopped by Bellum on her way home from work in the evenings. She worked hard in her twice-weekly sessions and started [...]


Natalie has been a member at Bellum since April of 2018. She started off at Bellum with the support of her daughters (one of whom happens to be a Bellum coach!), with the intention of losing some [...]


Like so many of our other members, Chris’s life hasn’t always been easy. Though he worked out regularly, once he became a member at Bellum, he began to use his time at the gym as a way to connect [...]


Ryan is a self-admitted competitive person, whose mental perception of his workouts has been transformed over the years from “need to be at the top of the scoreboard” to “lifting/moving/training [...]


Becca decided to join Bellum during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. She hopped on her first zoom class ready to go. I asked her to find something to use for deadlifts. She was one step ahead, already with two [...]


Before Bellum, Shannon’s approach to working out was fairly balanced – run a few miles, hit a few weight machines, occasionally jump into a class. But after time, her motivation was waning, [...]


This week’s Warrior Wednesday is Laura! It has been incredible to see Laura’s transformation over her years as a part of the Bellum fam. Laura was brought to Bellum originally by her wife, [...]