Coach Erin is patient in her approach to her own fitness, having overcome several injuries throughout the course of her life. Part of the reason that her warm-ups are so intense is that she implements movements learned through her own experiences in injury rehabilitation programs. By incorporating these movements into the warm-ups for our gym goers, she is giving them the added benefit of building strength to help PREVENT injury from occurring to them. One of her proudest achievements in the gym is being able to squat and deadlift, due to spine and knee injuries sustained earlier in her life

Coach Erin, we love (hate) the challenges you give to us in class, even if we’re sweaty and out of breath within the first 10 minutes and still have assault bikes and thrusters on the menu. Thanks for pushing us out of our comfort zones and helping us to be better prepared for whatever life throws at us, even if we whine through the whole first 20 minutes of class. Love ya!- Coach Jen

Tell us a little about yourself!: I am 32, a Libra, and the youngest of my siblings- two sisters and one brother. I am from Pennsylvania: born in Philly, and spent most of my formative years in Abington. After HS, I moved to the Poconos to attend college, and worked in Educational Technology after. I am fluent in Spanish, but losing it without practice lol (I initially planned to teach in a middle or high school after graduating). I have always hated waking up early, but prefer sunrises to sunsets. I’m an eternal optimist, but also a heavyweight in overthinking- the struggle is real.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement or workout?: I love squatting and deadlifting- outside of those, I like working on better controlling the bodyweight movements.

What is your favorite out-of-the-gym activity?: Everyone knows I LOVE games…all of them. But even more than games, I love live music; so, I always try to catch my favorite bands when they come through town. I’m almost always spending free time at concerts and have traveled 6 hours to see a show before. 

What’s it like being a woman and coaching men?: Sometimes it can be intimidating, but I just remind myself that I’m coaching movement technique- as long as I’m knowledgeable in the patterns that we are looking for (as they relate to anatomical differences in both men and women), then cueing for strong and effective positions is not daunted by my athlete’s gender.

Do you feel pressure to be able to master every CrossFit movement, ook fit and eat right because you’re a coach?: I don’t feel any pressure to master specific movements, but I always want to be able to relate to the experience of our athletes. If I coach a movement technique, I need to be acquainted with how the positions feel and what the learning process is like. I want to be able to set an example, and that includes a willingness to suffer, to practice, to experience, and to connect to the processes that I’m asking athletes to trust in.

Which Bellum member is your favorite?: All of our amazing Bellum Babies! Keep ’em coming, people! 😀

Do the coaches ever feel bad about what they put us through? Or do they see an up-coming workout and laugh about how much we will hate it?: Both! lol I usually try to do the workouts that I coach, especially the ones that are terrible… But there is something about the feeling of standing among a gym full of athletes sprawled out on the floor, gasping for air, seeing Jesus and questioning their life choices that brings a devious and joyous smile upon my heart… sorry, folks!

Where would you travel if you had no budget?: Everywhere. Travel is probably one of the things in life I find the most meaningful. I want to go everywhere, or anywhere, and see everything. I love getting the chance to meet people from other places and hear their perspectives.

Ski or swim?: Snowboard lol but I’d probably choose swimming because that implies it is warmer.

Steak or seafood?: Vegetables. I always choose the beef option at weddings. It comes with potatoes…I could sustain myself entirely on potatoes.

What is your favorite sport after CrossFit?: I love team sports, and group activities… my favorites are softball, flag football, and volleyball. I love running obstacle races and doing trail runs…I’m not super competitive about running, but I’ve found it’s very therapeutic. Alethea has also gotten me into pickleball this past year and I’m determined to get better at it!

What is your spirit animal?: I want to be a gorilla, but realistically, I’m a lizard… I love warm weather and sunshine. You will never hear me complain about the hot weather because I despise the feeling of being cold.

What’s your favorite part about coaching?: Whenever someone makes progress towards a new movement or attains a goal they have been working toward. I am pretty excitable and love celebrating all your triumphs.

What was the happiest/proudest moment of your own personal CrossFit (or weight lifting) career?: I finally broke my 2-year weight plateau on the power clean during our in-house competition. Thanks for all of the hype-man talk to build me up Coach Jen and Kelly!!

Also, my first successful legless rope climb and peg board ascents were pretty great days.

What was the most disappointing/frustrating moment?: Any time I hit a set-back: irritating a old injury and having to crawl again and rebuild my foundation. Those are humbling moments, but they really make me appreciate the importance of building rock solid technical positions to fall back on when you’re exhausted.

Do you ever need a break from CrossFit and/or everything CrossFit related?: When my ego starts dictating my relationship with the gym and workouts, I know it’s time to step back.

What is your biggest personal CrossFit accomplishment?: Squatting and Deadlifting in general. After having spine surgery and rupturing my ACL a few years back, I didn’t think I’d ever have the capacity to build to the strength I have now.

Why CrossFit? What brought you to this and why coaching it?: I wanted to force Ann through the same hell she put us all through! 😛 JK I truly think the human body is incredible and our capacity for strength in movement is something I wanted to pursue and encourage in others. CrossFit is truly a path toward greater wellness for anyone, and I love that.

What would your superhero name be?: Ha! I think something referring to my warm-ups and I’d likely be a villain :insert villainous mannerism: muahahaha

If you could go back to when you started CrossFit with what you know now, what is one piece of advice you’d give yourself?: Simple: Consistency, Technique, Intensity…in that order! And the importance of sleep and nutrition, I cannot stress these enough.

You only get ONE cheat meal for the rest of your life. What is it?: hmmm probably Impossible burgers and IPAs…summertime barbecues are the greatest!

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