In my earlier CrossFit days of training at CrossFit Tribe, I had the unique opportunity to workout along side the kids of Steve’s Club. I’ll never forget attending my first Beat the Streets event. It was amazing to listen to the kids of Steve’s Club share their stories and hear how CrossFit had changed their lives. One charismatic Steve’s Club athlete, Pedro, stole the hearts of everyone in the room. Everyone could see that there was something special about him. I continued to get to know Pedro as a volunteer Steve’s Club tutor. At the time, he was one of only a few athletes who would stick around to get help with his homework. The simple act of attending homework club spoke volumes of his character. On the gym mats he gave his all, and he was also willing to put in the extra time to complete his schoolwork. Pedro was on a quest for greatness. Although I was there to help him with his academics, he taught me many life lessons.

Today, not much has changed. I have been lucky enough to watch Pedro continue to grow over the years. His dedication and values remain the same. He’s already reached his goal of becoming a Level 1 CrossFit trainer. Now his quest continues as a high school senior, junior Olympic lifter, and Bellum coach. As I stand back and watch Pedro command the gym, I see a young man who makes the daily choice to continue down the path of success. Sharing his passion for CrossFit and Olympic Lifting, the two very sports that changed his life, he is able to help change the lives of others. He has always been destined for greatness, but finding CrossFit and putting a barbell in his hands has lit his path with the brightest of lights.

I can’t wait to see what he achieves next. Click here to watch more of Pedro’s story.

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