Ann and I opened Bellum Strength & Conditioning with the hopes of sharing our passion for fitness with other adults. Shortly after opening our doors, we had the chance to work with several sports teams. Our very first training session with a traveling soccer team helped reveal what we believe to be our calling, empowering young female athletes. The soccer girls taught us just as much as we taught them. Seeing how excited they were about getting stronger made the extra hours at the gym worth it. We thought to ourselves, “Imagine if we had discovered lifting at this age?”  Everyone found something they exceled in at Bellum. Some of the reserved players even found their voices in the gym. Everyone found a strength, and everyone also found a weakness. Many valuable lessons were learned on the gym floor.

The benefits of having female athletes start strength training at a young age go well beyond physical. Yes they will get stronger, faster, gain endurance, increase their power output, and prevent injuries, but the confidence that comes along with strength training is invaluable. There is nothing more empowering than having a female athlete realize and appreciate her own strength. The soccer girls inspired us to offer free summer classes to local kids this past summer, and now, our new all-girls class. A determined girl is unstoppable. Help us change the world by getting the young female athletes in your life signed up for our upcoming Saturday Strength School. Check out the schedule here.

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