This past year has been transformational for Josh. Around this time one year ago, he resolved to take charge of his health and started running. His hopes were to lose weight and bring down his blood pressure. After a few months of weight loss, he hit a plateau and started looking for alternate options to help get him toward his goals. His search led him to Bellum around the middle of March, and quickly got to work learning all of the various movements day in and day out. As the months have passed, his persistence in practice has facilitated some incredible skills gains and continued weight loss.

Over the summer, Josh utilized our nutrition counseling program to boost his weight loss, and since his start has lost more than 60 pounds! Just a few of Josh’s accomplishments through Bellum include entering his first CrossFit competition – the Rookie Rumble in September – getting off his blood pressure medication, getting his first pull-up and rope climb, and continuing to hone his technique so that his conditioning, strength, and mental endurance are improving with every workout.

Josh knows the importance of setting goals, and then putting in the hard work to help achieve those goals. When he put his mind to getting his first strict pull-up, he would come 30 minutes or more prior to class just to give himself time to improve his grip strength and upper body pull ability to help get him to his goal! Josh also doesn’t shy away from a bit of healthy competition, and credits Coach Jen with helping him achieve his fastest 5k time yet, a sub-30 minute race time over the Thanksgiving holiday (that’s over 15 minutes faster than his first 5k!)!

Besides the obvious improvements to his physical health, Josh credits Bellum and CrossFit for helping to improve his mental health. We regularly plan social events that range in activity from game nights to sports events and everything in between. By taking the first step of coming to a Bellum outing, Josh made met some awesome new people and has made great new friends.

Here at Bellum, we aren’t just people who work out together. We have become a quirky, vastly diverse, loving bunch of folks who call ourselves a family. Josh – thanks for being a pretty cool part of our Bellum family. We are looking forward to seeing you achieve some more great goals in the new year!

What type of workouts did you perform before coming to Bellum?: I would run…slowly around Gloucester City.

Why were you looking for a new style of workouts?: I was looking for something that worked. I had lost a little weight by running but after a few pounds, I stopped losing weight.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement or workout?: My favorite CrossFit movement is Man Makers.  I know everyone hates them, but they were one of the movements that clicked the first time.

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting at Bellum?: I have had a few, but I would losing 50 + pounds. High up on the list though is being able to do a pullup and climbing the rope. I could never do either before coming to Bellum.

What is your favorite out-of-the-gym activity?: Right now when I’m not in the gym, I’m normally in school. But when I do have free time I normally write and recently getting close to having a story published.

Starting a journey toward weight loss can often be overwhelming or intimidating, whether you’re just starting out or have tried many times. Since you started at Bellum, you’ve lost over 50 pounds! What advice do you have to give to others others who are hoping to start leading a healthier lifestyle, especially as the New Year approaches?: What I found works for me is to make sure you show up at the gym. Once you get in, the habit it becomes easy. I try to stick with certain class times so it becomes routine. I also found it easier to start the weight loss journey in stages. One of the reasons I picked Bellum was that there is nutrition help. I knew if I started working out and doing nutrition at the start I would get frustrated.  I found it easier to add the nutrition element after getting used to going to the gym on a daily basis.

What’s your “Why”?: So I have a few reasons. One was my blood pressure was extremely high for my age. Now it’s back to normal and I don’t have to take anything anymore. The second reason is exercising has helped me a lot with anxiety and depression. The third is I was watching the Simpson when the episode about Homer trying to gain weight to get on disability came on. His starting weight was approx. 60 pounds less then I weighed and his goal was only 5 pounds from what my weight used to be. That was a wake-up call.

The biggest reason I keep coming is because my life has improved drastically since meeting the people at Bellum. Previously I always was working or used work as an excuse not to go out and do things. The social aspect of Bellum has really helped me get better at that.

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