Liz just celebrated her 4th year anniversary of being Bellum strong. We have worked with Liz during and after two pregnancies. Her water broke AT Bellum with her first baby girl, Zoey and just five months ago she had her second baby, sweet baby boy Emmett. With two kids under three, Liz makes sure to schedule her gym time and her meal prep time. Her discipline keeps her on track, despite her crazy schedule.

Liz is a huge lover of the CrossFit Open, and is always one of the first to sign up to complete these mentally and physically challenging workouts. She holds herself to a high standard and always moves with intention and integrity.

Liz is a mom of two and a wicked smart engineer. She also really LOVES CrossFit; the intensity, the barbells, and yes, the occasional painful WOD. Sometimes she likes to do partner workouts with her husband Matt so that she can yell at him to pick up the bar.

Liz, we love having you and the fam in our Bellum family. Thanks for being inspirational in how tenaciously you go after difficult goals, and for carrying us coaches through partner workouts on the weekends (while we suffer and you casually sip your water). You are amazing! 

What is your favorite CrossFit movement?  I love anything with a barbell, but mostly cleans and deadlifts!

FWhat’s your favorite CrossFit workout?  I always love doing a CrossFit “benchmark” workout.  My favorites are anything with a short time domain (12 minutes max).  I like fast burners.

If, with the wave of a magic wand, you could be granted a huge boost to strength, stamina, or speed, which would you pick?:  I would definitely pick speed!

What is your favorite out-of-the-gym activity?:  If i’m not at the gym, I’m hanging out with my family. I love baking, crafting, and going on adventures with my kids.

What’s Your Current Gym Goal?  I’m still working on building all of my strength back after having Emmett, but I am also working on improving my gymnastics movements (linking toes to bar, pull ups, and getting chest to bar pull ups).

What’s Your “Why”?  I love showing and teaching my kids how awesome it is to be strong and healthy.  There is no greater feeling than watching my daughter run around saying she is doing “workouts, burpees, and squats.”  Also, because it is just plain FUN and I love setting and crushing goals.

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