A few years back, Maggie was introduced to CrossFit through a training intensive at Bellum with the rest of her Rutgers Camden Softball team. Like so many others, her previous experience with weight training was slim to none. After her Softball intensive at Bellum, she was invigorated with the new approach to exercise and felt empowered with the way lifting a heavy barbell felt. She signed up for classes and hasn’t looked back since.

Maggie’s journey hasn’t been without obstacles. During her time as a Softball player, she had to undergo an intense shoulder surgery that required many weeks of shoulder rehabilitation exercises and recovery. It would have been easy to consider this a time to rest and recuperate, but together with suggestions from her medical care-givers and the knowledge of the coaches at Bellum, we worked to modify movements as needed to help Maggie on the road to recovery. Maggie put her head down and worked both smarter AND harder, and as a result, Maggie gained total body strength, as well as the knowledge of how to safely build strength and movement back into her shoulders. Months later, she is completing workouts as is, and feeling great while doing so!

Maggie, your GRIT is evident, as is your attitude of GRATITUDE. Your time at Bellum has been full of GROWTH, both personally and athletically. We are proud to have you as one of our own. Thank you for serving your community in this unsettling time, thank you for continuing to pursue your future career as a nurse, and thanks for bringing so many laughs and funny stories to our official (and unofficial) Bellum virtual happy hours. We love having you in our Bellum fam!

Name: My name is Maggie Foss. I am 21 years old and a junior at Rutgers University Camden. I am a full time nursing student and work per diem at Cooper University Hospital!

What type of workouts did you perform before coming to Bellum?: Before Bellum, the only workouts I did were at my sports practices which didn’t include weights. I started doing CrossFit with my Rutgers Camden softball team in I think 2017 and it was such an awesome opportunity to switch up the way I exercised that I had to not only jump on it, but continue it long after the season. 

What is your favorite CrossFit movement or workout?: My favorite movement would be pistols because every time I go down, I always feel like I won’t be able to get back up but somehow I find my way back up- which is a great motivator for the whole workout somehow!

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting at Bellum? (in and/or out of the gym): My biggest accomplishment was being able to find my way back to Bellum after shoulder surgery and figure out how to push through despite the busy life I lead. I like to think that although my shoulder may never be the same, neither will my determination and drive towards being the hardest worker in the room.

During this time of sheltering-at-home, you’re still working at Cooper, completing college courses (from home), and jumping into our online group classes. What are you enjoying about the Zoom workouts, and what bright spots and personal fitness goals do you have during this time of quarantine?: I love the Zoom workouts mainly because I feel more connected to my Bellum family then ever before. Our happy hours after are such a great ending to my day and I feel so much support in and out of the virtual gym. With Zoom, I have the opportunity to introduce my 16 year old brothers to the wonderful world of CrossFit and despite being quarantined, we still get to do tough workouts together and challenge each other even if it’s just in the backyard! My main goal right now is to stay consistent. The past few months I struggled with finding a routine because I was always on the go but now I can make my health/fitness more of a priority!

What made you choose Bellum and CrossFit, as opposed to other styles of workouts?: I chose Bellum and CrossFit because it is always changing. Every time I walk into the gym there is something new to learn and something that I can improve on which is so exciting. I continue to call Bellum my home because it is a true family and a great environment to learn and be supported not just as an athlete.

What is your favorite out-of-the-gym activity?: My favorite out of gym activity is definitely going to the beach, drinking coffee, and spending time with my friends and family!

What’s your “Why”?: My “why” started out as being a stronger softball player but evolved to being a stronger woman mentally and physically. Exercising makes me feel good and that happiness translates into confidence and overall joy in my life!

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