Melissa has been at Bellum since it was founded over 5 years ago, and is considered one of the Bellum OG’s. Always consistent through the years, one of Melissa’s greatest strengths is the way she pushes herself.

Several years ago, she determined to change her eating and lifestyle habits in order to improve her quality of life. Her grit in sticking with her new healthy lifestyle helped her to lose weight and keep it off years later, and she continues to use that mental resilience to accomplish awesome things in the gym. Now, she consistently gives every workout her all, even if it involves 100 burpees (ha!).

Melissa is GREAT to have in a partner workout, offering kind, encouraging words just when you need to hear them, and will be sure to push you to go for the heavy weights! Outside of the gym, Melissa and her wife Laura are proud Momma’s of Ben. They both balance parenthood with busy work schedules, but still make getting in for a class a priority, not out of obligation, but because they WANT to be there!

Favorite CrossFit Movement: S2OH (Shoulder to Overhead)

Favorite Music or Playlist to Workout to: Anything that is a good kind of distraction

You’ve been doing CrossFit at Bellum for several years. Did you ever hit a mental “barrier” where you wanted to take a break?: I’ve never hit a barrier where I wanted a break that I remember … I’ve always planned my schedule around being able to hit the gym. Especially after going to day shift. It has been my biggest hurdle. because I’m only able to make it 3 days a week most weeks. When I was night shift I came to the gym 5-6 days every week. I miss those days for sure.

Favorite Out-of-the-Gym Activity: Spending time with my family in general but I love experiencing all of Benjamin’s firsts

What’s Your Current Gym Goal?: String together my pull-ups and T2B (toes-to-bar)

What’s Your “Why”?: Benjamin and Laura are my why. I need to set a good example because I know who is always watching. 

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