Name: Mike

Occupation: President at Cornerstone Financial Advisors Inc.

Hobbies: Too many to list

What brought you to Bellum? My daughter wouldn’t stop nagging me. She was on me for about a year. I saw her progress and figured I’d give it a try after I realized I was struggling to bend over a tie my shoes. Good news, I can tie them easily now. I was also struggling getting in and out of my race car.

Speaking of racing, you have a very active lifestyle. What other hobbies to you enjoy? Well, I race cars ten months out of the year. In between, I ride motorcycles, barefoot ski, bike, hike, an ski.

How has strength and conditioning enhanced your lifestyle? I used to hate working out, and I hate to admit it, but I don’t hate it anymore. I see that working out makes my other activities easier more enjoyable.

Have there been any challenges for you? Just getting here and stopping my work day is a challenge. But the scale reminds me that I better show up. It’s very motivating to see the numbers go down. I have a specific weight goal I’d like to get to. I just need to hide the pretzels because I love salt.

What’s your why? All the activities I listed above and keeping up with my daughters and wife.

What’s next? I just want to keep showing up and beat what I’ve done the week before and continue to see the scale move. I want to be able to continue to get in and out of my race car easily and keep beating the kids in all our activities.

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