We’re looking for 20 motivated men & women to take part in our NEW Strong Start Group Class

These classes are specifically for beginners, who are serious about getting in shape and creating a healthy lifestyle.


“I’ve been a part of the Bellum community for a little over a year. Before I first walked into the gym for my No Sweat Intro, I was intimidated and didn’t think I was capable of doing a CrossFit workout, but my fears were instantly dissipated when I encountered the coaches and members. Bellum creates a welcoming environment where everyone encourages each other in their journey toward health and wellness.

In my first few introductory sessions, Coach Jenai made sure to instruct me thoroughly and kindly, offering valuable feedback that really focused on good form and preventing injury. She also took the extra time to show me how each piece of equipment and various movements worked, without me even asking, so that when I showed up to my first class, I could seamlessly join the group without holding up the class with my (seemingly endless) questions. I went from 8 years of half-heartedly stopping and starting various workout regimens to attending 5-6 CrossFit classes a week because I LOVED it.

Each class I attend has me learning something new or practicing a skill, and finishes with a great workout. The classes are small enough that I feel like I am in a personal training session (with a few other folks joining in), but have enough energy generated to keep me going when the workouts get tough. The coaches are attentive to my every movement, correcting as necessary to promote efficiency and wellness and prevent injury. They’ll also help push you past mental barriers in a tough workout or on a heavy lift.

Now, just over a year later, I can jump higher, run faster (and farther!), do squats, lunges, and pushups, and lift heavier weights than I ever expected to be able to do. I feel empowered and proud of what I am capable of doing, and the community at Bellum has been my biggest cheerleader all along the way. The friendships I’ve made at this gym and the progress I see every day keep me coming back, and will keep me coming back for a long, long time.”

– Jennifer M.

Are serious about getting in shape and creating a healthy lifestyle?

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  • I emailed Bellum to set up a time for a No Sweat Intro. Literally everyone introduced themselves as I walked into the gym and made it feel like I had been there for months. I had never felt so comfortable at a gym. Everyone from the coaches to the people who work out there were extremely easy going.

    Jake G.
  • I’ve been working out here almost 2 years and it is the most amazing place I get to call Home. Everyone is encouraging and just genuinely beautiful humans trying to better themselves and the community. The most empowering thing is no matter if your the first person to finish the workout or the last everyone cheers you on!

    Jacob Grassi
  • When you walk into Bellum you immediately feel comfortable. The coaches are right there every step of your class to make sure every member is safely able to complete the work out at any skill level. Everyone at Bellum from the coaches to the members is welcoming, making up a great community of people!

    Amanda Laska
  • Love this gym the owners are super friendly and helpful! Everyone at the gym is an awesome great place to get a workout in and learn how to lift properly.

    Dan Japa
  • I walked into Bellum six months ago, 51 years old, in decent shape but looking to lose some fat, gain some muscle, and build bone mass. I never dreamed that I would love CrossFit as much as I do and see the results I have seen in such a short time. I'll admit I was afraid at first, having heard how difficult the workouts are, but the top-notch trainers were, and still are, at my side, guiding me along. There are people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels, and the coaches at Bellum make the workouts "work" for everyone. I am in the best shape of my life and having fun while doing it. If you're looking for the same, check out Bellum Strength and Conditioning. Your only regret will be that you didn't start sooner.

    Barb Gorman