Coach Harry catching a quick snooze between classes

Abraham Maslow got it right when he said the foundation of human needs are physiological. All other needs build upon the foundational needs being adequately met. Most people think of human needs simply as food and water; however sleep is also a physiological need. If it wasn’t, our bodies would not require it, nor would it be a systematic part of our daily routine. We are programmed to sleep! The next time you brag about how little sleep you get- check yourself. If one of your fitness goals is to lose weight and you are not sleeping 7-9 hour nightly, you are creating a barrier to your weight loss. Sleep influences hormones that are responsible for regulating hunger and stress within our bodies. When these hormones are dysregulated they will cause spikes in hunger, feelings of stress, and cravings for bad food. Limits in sleep also effect performance in and out of the gym. Our brains and bodies need sleep, so prioritize your sleep if you want to make gainz in life!

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