Meet Natalie. She walked into Bellum/ G City CrossFit for a “No Sweat Intro” on March 27, 2018.  Her daughters had already been coming to our CrossFit classes for several months and finally convinced their mother that she needed to start. Despite being worried about her current fitness level, she booked an appointment anyway.

During our No Sweat Intro, I asked Natalie, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years if you start at our gym?” She told me she wanted to be able to continue to play and care for her grandchildren, and that she wanted to be able to kick her daughters’ butts in some workouts.

Along with lifestyle goals, Natalie wanted to feel better. Before coming in for her appointment to chat with us, Natalie had gone to the doctors for some blood work. She wasn’t feeling her best and thought something wasn’t right.

Only two weeks into her time at G City CrossFit, Natalie received a call from her doctors with the results from her recent blood work. She had developed Type II diabetes. They prescribed her two medicines and sent her on her way. Natalie told the doctors that she started a new workout routine, CrossFit, and would change her eating habits in order to get off the medication.

Since receiving that news, Natalie has made the gym a priority. She has been consistently coming to CrossFit classes 3 times a week. She also significantly reduced sugar from her diet, while increasing protein and veggies.

Fast forward four months and Natalie was able to lower her A1c levels to 5.8, which is well below the pre-diabetic level. Natalie essentially REVERSED her diabetes. She lost over 40lbs and is feeling stronger than ever. Many people say they are going to make changes, but don’t always follow through. I’m so glad Natalie was not one of them.

If you are reading this, I want you to ask yourself, “Where do I see myself in 10 years?” If you don’t like the answer, take action. Find a CrossFit gym near you and change your life.

Success is easier when you have trainers holding you accountable.  Book your Free No Sweat Intro Here.

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