If ever there was a truly dedicated member of Bellum, it’s this week’s Bellum Warrior. Robyn commutes to us from Bucks County, PA and has for several years! A long-time member of Bellum, Robyn has been with us since the days of “no-heat” winters (at Bellum 1.0!) where warm-ups were literally essential, and has lots of funny stories to tell about the days gone by. 

Robyn is always one of the best participants of any type of Spirit Week that we run. During the Spring 2019 CrossFit open, Robyn was selected as captain of Team Fitney Spears. Together, her team exuded Bellum spirit and creativity with several displays of awesome costumes to promote our weekly themes. 80’s week, Neon, Blackout, and Hawaiian Luau themes never looked so good! Robyn is positive, funny, and always kind to everyone she works out with at Bellum. Robyn, thank you for being a shining light in our community, for making us laugh, and for not being afraid to put us coaches in our place when we need it (ha!). We love you, Robbie!

What is your favorite CrossFit movement?: I love anything with shoulders.

What is your favorite CrossFit workout type?: Workouts with too much of the same movement makes me a bit bored, so I prefer a combination of movements including a running component.

If money was not an issue, what would be the most perfect Christmas gift you could ever receive?: Time. I would love to spend less time at work and have more freedom to choose.

What is your favorite out-of-the-gym activity?: My favorite activity is hanging with my friends after school talking about cute boys.

What’s Your Current Gym Goal?: My goals include but are not limited to: more than one double under in a row; all ten toes touching the bar on toes-to-bar; break dancing, handstand push-ups; a proper power clean and not hurting myself.

What’s your why?: My why is that I love being both physical and social. Bellum is my playground and all of you freaks are my play dates. I love all your faces!!

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