Why Bellum?
Bellum is a close knit group with great coaches, great people and great programming. The coaches at Bellum are in tune with every athlete and what is needed to help them achieve their goals. The atmosphere is incredible. Everyone is a support system for one another and everyone is in it together. There isn’t anyone trying to better than you, but instead they are looking to help you get better along with them. The feeling of comradery and friendship that takes place at Bellum makes it one of my favorite places to spend my time.

How do the workouts help you in your line of work?
As a firefighter, you are required to perform tasks that take both strength and endurance. The difficult part is that we are required to do these things under extreme duress in the most severe and often times uncontrollable situations. The programming and training at Bellum allows me to be in the best shape possible, not only physically but also mentally. The workouts at Bellum keep me prepared for work in the way that we perform strength building exercises coupled with high intensity conditioning and functional movements both in short bursts and sometimes over longer periods and doing so in an intense atmosphere. In most workouts, we are put to an extreme test and often times need to find a way to push our bodies past what we thought was our breaking point in order to finish a workout. Much like many of the tasks performed on a fire ground. The varied level of training that takes place at Bellum helps be ready for anything that a firefighter may face on a daily basis.

What would you tell people who are afraid to try Bellum?
As everyone knows, there seems to be a stigma surrounding CrossFit. People have a negative preconceived notion towards CrossFit. I would like to tell anyone who has this notion or anyone who is afraid of trying, that it is not what you believe. CrossFit is a combination of every movement and style of fitness related activity to help you achieve the highest levels of fitness and health possible. It is very nice to be able to lift a lot of weight or run long distances, but there is more out there. CrossFit helps give you those other things. Through my training at Bellum I’ve not only become stronger and more conditioned, but have been able to learn things I never expected before. From being able to climb a rope or being able to stand or even walk on my hands and do some gymnastic movements. Please don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. You will achieve things you never expected.

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