So you signed up for your first CrossFit competition? Here are three things you NEED to know.

  1. Practice like you play. Hopefully you are already holding every CrossFit movement to standard. During every workout from here on out, make sure you are breaking parallel in your wall balls, getting your chin over the bar on every pull-up, and getting your chest to deck on your burpees. Don’t leave any room for questions. Your reps should be legit during every single workout you perform- competition or not. Your ability to properly execute any given movement is a gift, don’t take it lightly. Every perfect rep is making you better.
  2. Be respectful to your judge. At most CrossFit competitions, your judge is probably going to be a volunteer. This means they love the sport so much that they are willing to spend a whole day at your competition. Introduce yourself and have a conversation about the workout. If you get “no repped” it’s not because your judge is trying to mess with you, it’s because you didn’t perform the movement to standard. If a no rep occurs and you are unsure why, take the time to respectfully ask your judge what you need to do to fix your movement. Don’t forget to give your judge a big sweaty hug or handshake after the workout. A simple thank you works well too.
  3. Go in prepared. Look in the mirror and say, “I AM AWESOME.” You signed up for your first competition and that takes a lot of guts, now it’s time to get yourself ready. Get into the gym consistently, clean up your diet, take recovery seriously, learn to control your adrenaline, and get your sleep schedule on point. Think about the day of and what you will need to pack. It’s a good idea to make a list of everything you will need, from gear to food. If you know the events in advance, test the workouts and talk to your coach about strategy. The day of the competition, don’t forget to BREATHE and be present in the moment. Enjoy your day and be proud of yourself.








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