Ann and I were recently asked the question, “Why Bellum?” Ann rambled off the benefits of CrossFit like she was reading it out of a manual, and I chimed in to highlight our safe programming. When I took this question to our members, I was blown away by their responses. Barb Gorman answered this question with the ten most beautiful words I have ever heard. Her response was “Everybody is a somebody here, and everybody knows your name.” My heart felt like it was going to pop right out of my chest and my eyes welled with tears.


Over two years ago, we created Bellum Strength & Conditioning-BSC CrossFit with the intent of fostering a positive community of like-minded people who valued the importance of health, wellness, and relationships. Thanks to our amazing group of athletes and coaches, our vision has come to life. In only a few words, Barb helped summarize exactly what makes Bellum so special, and what sets us apart from all of the other gyms. We are so thankful to Barb for being such a wonderful role model at Bellum, and for giving us the most epic hashtag ever!

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