Gentle Giant

Walking into the Camden County Animal Shelter, we didn’t know what to expect. We were overwhelmed at the sight of so many sweet animals in desperate need of homes. We were there to adopt a dog, but we didn’t know how much more we would leave with. There were rows and rows of dogs. Each dog had the same hopes: a second chance at life. As we made it to the end of the row, there was a big brown dog with an even bigger head. My best friend Stacey and her mom Denise told us we had to meet this dog. His large size was intimidating, but he didn’t even bark or jump. As we opened his crate, he came out and immediately rolled over onto his back. We wondered how he could be so trustworthy after ending up in a shelter because a human betrayed him. Ann and I instantly fell in love with this gentle giant.

Bringing Harrison home changed our lives. We didn’t know an animal could be so loving and loyal. Harrison reminds us to forgive others, love with our whole hearts, and be the best people we can be. We look into his sweet eyes and try not to think about his first years of life living alone on the streets. We make him the daily promise to give him the best life a dog could have. When he’s not riding in the back of the jeep or hanging out at the gym, his favorite spot to be is cuddled up next to…. actually on top of one of us on the couch. Harry brings so much joy to our lives and that’s why it was so easy to make the decision to adopt another dog.

Their Favorite Spot

Having one dog was perfect, but we knew we could do more to help make a difference. Once again Stacey told us we had to see this little pocket pit that a CCAS volunteer, Jennifer, was fostering. We saw one picture of Remington with her ears sticking straight up and knew we had to meet her. Again, Ann and I instantly fell in love. Remi was hopping around and grunting like a little pig. She was so easy to love. Once again we wondered how someone abandoned her. Her and Harrison had a play date the next day, and she was ours by the third day. She is a sweet soul who loves everyone she meets. She is always making us laugh with her larger than life personality. These two dogs make our lives complete. We strive to be the people our dogs think we are.

We could not ask for better companions. Sometimes we wonder who really rescued who? This is why it so hard to believe that there are daily posts from the Camden County Animal shelter that it is almost at capacity or currently full. Although most of the dogs that sit in the rows and rows of crates were once neglected, the workers and volunteers at the Camden County Animal Shelter show them what it is to be loved and bring them back to life. These special people devote their lives to taking care of these animals as if they were their own. They walk them, bathe them, feed them, and most importantly love them.

Harry and Aunt Stacy

Without the workers and volunteers at the CCAS, each dog lining the hallways would just look like another hopeless animal siting in a crate, but they help you see each as a sweet soul waiting for their forever home. They get to know these animals and teach them how to trust again. We are so thankful to these people for taking care of our babies before we were lucky enough to call them our own, but more importantly for not giving up on any of them. They nurture these animals that just need someone to believe in them. We are thankful to Stacey for helping us find our two babies, to Jennifer for taking such good care of Remington in her own home, to all my friends who foster and have adopted animals, and all of the volunteers and workers at the Camden County Animal Shelter. Thank you for believing in Harrison and Remington and giving every abandoned animal a voice and a second chance.

Remi and her first foster momma Jennifer!

We will be participating in this year’s WOD for Dogs. All of the money raised will be split equally between the Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation and the Camden County Animal Shelter. Any little bit helps. Please consider donating, even as little as $5 can make a difference. Donate $25 or more and be entered to win a free month of CrossFit at Bellum Strength & Conditioning. Whether donating, volunteering, fostering or adopting we can all make a difference in the life of an animal who is waiting for a home to call their own. One of the animals at the CCAS could even be waiting to rescue you.

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