Kim is part of the workplace wellness group I facilitate at Bush Refrigeration. She and a group of her co-workers are leading happier and healthier lives thanks to their employer. I meet them on-site, twice a week, to workout, talk nutrition, practice gratitude, and laugh. Here is a recent sit down with Kim.

What do you think about having a workplace wellness program at your work? 

I am so grateful to my employer, Bush Refrigeration, for having this program.  I feel as though they truly care about my physical and mental wellness.   My co-workers and I get to leave our desk twice a week and forget the stresses of our job and enjoy each other..and boy do we laugh a lot!

What are some of your favorite workout movements?

One of my favorites is squats, but one of my absolute favorite is the Corpse Pose when we are doing yoga.  Thumbs down to burpees!

What is your most recent “bright spot”? 

My bright spot is always the same,  I am happy that I wake up each day!

How has the Bush Workplace Wellness Program impacted your life? 

I have lost weight, but that is not my main concern.  I have a chronic illness, so to keep myself moving is of great importance. This program also helps keep my stress level low.  Jenai has not only taught us about working out, but she is always giving us advice on our eating habits, our mindset and having a positive attitude. These things are not only helpful in our workplace, but also in our personal struggles of everyday life.


*If you would like to see this program implemented at your work, please click here to book your free “Lunch and Learn.” We will come to your work during lunch to discuss actionable steps you can take immediately to start living a happier and healthier life. 


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