{•Warrior Wednesday•} Yoni has been a part of the Bellum fam for several years, and is known for being consistent in his attendance and performance, and diligent in his practice of new movements. His recent achievements include stringing together 100 double unders! He can be found almost every Sunday working to improve his Olympic lifts, muscle-ups, or other gymnastic movements.

Outside the gym, Yoni likes attending heavy metal concerts, sometimes his family even tags along! He also plays the kinds of board games that take hours to complete. Another fun fact is that Yoni holds a BLACK belt in karate and has recently expressed interest in running a Karate Fitness class right here at Bellum. Keep an eye out for his upcoming classes!

His wife attended our Fit Foundations class at the beginning of this year, and his daughter has been in our Bellum kids class, making staying active and healthy a family affair. His son Noah is also a member of Bellum, and the two frequently workout together.

Yoni is an incredibly thoughtful and inspiring person. This past Memorial Day, during our annual “Murph” Memorial Day WOD, Yoni completed the workout sooner than many, but then went back to run an additional mile with his son in order to encourage Noah to finish the workout strong.

Favorite CrossFit Movement:  Thruster (never thought I’d say that, but nothing makes me feel stronger than a good, heavy thruster)

Favorite Music or Playlist to Workout to:  Hard rock and heavy metal 

Besides CrossFit, what other physical activities are you involved in?:  Hiking with the family, walks with our dog, sometimes jogging, and an annual Spartan Race 

Favorite out-of-the-gym activity:  Playing games–yard games and board games mostly

Current Gym Goal:  I’d love to get that muscle up on the rings.

What’s your “Why”?  My why is to set a great example for my kids and to stay active and healthy as I age.   

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